Sailing trips on the Ijssel Lake and the Wadden Sea with sailing ship Sperwer are unique!



Do you know the appeal of roaming free not knowing in the morning where you’ll moor up in the evening?

Do you like to feel the wind in your face, on a ship or on one of the Wadden Sea islands?  

Do you enjoy strolling around picturesque villages?

Would you like to know how it feels when a ship falls dry on a sandbank?

Do you love breathtaking sunsets?

Would you like to see seals in their natural habitat?

Would you like to have an environment-friendly holiday?  

Would you like to have more time for yourself and your friends?



If you answer the majority of these questions with “yes”, then you can be sure that a charter holiday on the sailing clipper Sperwer is just the thing for you!  


On this website you will find information about our two-masted clipper, about the extensive area in which we sail: the Wadden Sea, Ijssel Lake, Markermeer and the inland waters of Frisia, about how much a trip costs, and about us personally. And we hope that the large selection of photos will put you in the mood for sailing.


The Sperwer is the product of our love of sailing, designed and constructed to give pleasure and happiness.  


Come aboard and set sail with us!



Warmest greetings,

Alex van den Broeck and Thally Sangster



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Klipper Sperwer
'Playing with Wind and Water'
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